Lesvos, day fourth after the fire

Thousands of refugees remain at that about one kilometer of the road that connects Mytilene with the north-eastern villages of Lesvos, near Kara Tepe, which has become some kind of open camp. Demonstrations are taking place at that one kilometer from refugees that are demanding freedom and not to be enclosed again into a new camp.

At about 10:30, while a huge demonstration was in front of the barricade that riot police has created at the southern «border» of the open camp, a fire broke up that was soon put under control. The cause of the fire remains unclear, though the area is full of highly flammable stuff. Some refugees tried to help the fire brigade by carrying water in bottles and buckets.

Meanwhile, at the other edge of that one kilometer of road, the new «temporary» camp is being organised since Thursday. But it is still unknown how all those refugees will be convinced, or even forced, to enter and live in it. The main slogan at their demonstrations is «no camp, no food, just freedom».

Government and officials are possibly waiting for the refugees to get tired; It is already the fourth day that finds them out on the streets, without any shelter, without clean water, in high temperatures. At about 12:00 police attacked the refuges without being provoked, as refugees contend, possibly for speeding up the process of refugees getting tired and more willing to enter the new camp.

But, having lived in Moria, after the huge fire of last Tuesday and after whatever everyone has passed through until arriving in Lesvos, it seems that there are not many possibilities to be convinced to live again in a camp. Especially now, that they think they have an opportunity to leave Lesvos and Greece for western Europe.

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